Writing Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing towards the Journal of Ecology blog, we would love to hear from you! You can contact our Blog Associate Editor, Rhosanna Jenkins or our Assistant Editor, Rhiannon Robins to discuss your idea in more detail.

Below we’ve put together some guidelines for writing a successful blog post.

Tips for writing your post:

Posts can be relatively informal in tone and should be written using language for a general audience. They should be accessible to those with a general interest in science and ecology, but not contain too much scientific jargon or complex statistics. Our Author Posts tend to focus on:

-The background/inspiration behind your article

-Any interesting stories from undertaking the research

-The key findings

-The future directions for this research topic

Please make sure to include the following in your post:

-A title

-Author(s), their institution(s) and links to their Twitter pages/website

-Links to the related research article(s)

-A few short sentences to introduce yourself/your research

-Main text (typically 500-750 words)

-High-resolution photos/figures/graphics (Please provide captions and photo credits for all images)

A few tips to help make posts more popular:  

-Posts with multiple, visually-appealing images tend to get more traffic 

-Breaking your post into a few sections (under subheadings) is more reader-friendly

-Section headings will also improve search engine optimisation of the post if they include keywords or phrases 

-Linking out to other content can also boosts Google rankings 

-Using short paragraphs and sentences will make your post easier to read on a screen

-Talk about what your passionate about and your enthusiasm for the subject will be obvious to the readers

Other post types

As well as blog posts about research that has been published in Journal of Ecology, we also accept posts that are of wider interest to the ecology and specifically, plant ecology, community. We will consider posts for the following blog categories: Opinion, Fieldwork, Conferences, Interview, Women in Science, Early Career Scientist, Ecology Community, Diversity in Ecology. We are also happy to discuss any other blog ideas, that may not fit into these existing categories.

Translated blog posts

We are very happy to publish translated blog post, alongside the English version of your blog. If you would like to publish a copy of your post in another language, please let us know. We encourage you to wait until your English post has been edited by our Blog Associate Editors before you translate it into a second language.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your potential blog post in more detail, please email us. All posts will be edited by our Blog Associate Editor, who will make sure that your post reads well, fits the scope of the blog and is accessible to a general audience.