Open Call for papers: Joint Special Feature on ecological resilience

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Resilience has emerged as a key concept in ecology and conservation biology to understand and predict ecosystem responses to global change. In its broadest and original sense, resilience describes the ability of an ecosystem to resist, and recover from, a disturbance. However, the application of such a concept in different sub-disciplines of ecology and in different study systems has resulted in a wide disparity of definitions and ways of quantifying ecological resilience. To provide an overview of how ecologists define, quantify, compare and predict resilience across different study systems, Journal of Ecology and Journal of Animal Ecology are pleased to launch an open call for manuscripts for a joint Special Feature on ecological resilience.

This Special Feature will integrate a diverse set of resilience studies using novel approaches, across different ecological sub-disciplines, numerous study systems, multiple levels of ecological organisation (e.g. ecological networks), and diverse taxa. An eagerness to break taxonomic frontiers within resilience research and integrate across ecological sub-disciplines motivates this joint Special Feature. We welcome submissions which either provide conceptual advances towards a unified understanding of resilience or provide novel ways of defining, estimating and discriminating resilience/resistance/stability in natural systems. The current Special Feature welcomes a diverse range of applications (e.g. responses to pathogens and invasions), taxa (e.g. algae, fungi, plants, animals, and/or microbes), and scales of biological organisation (e.g. ecophysiology, population ecology, community and ecosystem ecology).

Manuscripts should be submitted in the usual way through the Journal of Animal Ecology or Journal of Ecology websites. Pre-submission enquiries are not necessary, but any questions can be directed to: or

Submissions should clearly state in the accompanying cover letter that you wish the manuscript to be considered for publication as part of this Special Feature.

Guest Edited by Pol Capdevila, Iain Stott and Roberto Salguero-Gomez

The deadline for submissions has been extended to: Friday 11 September 2020

Submit here

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Photo by Ignacio Juarez/Penguin Watch

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