Writing Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when creating your contribution to the Journal of Ecology blog. If you would like to discuss an idea for a post, please contact us.

  • We ask that author blog posts are around 500 words or less (however, this isn’t a strict word limit).
  • Author posts should explore your article in further detail, provide more insight into your research; put your findings in a wider ecological context.
  • Your blog post should include a brief title.
  • Pictures or videos are very much encouraged. Please also provide image captions and photo credits, wherever possible.

We will aim to publish the blog shortly after your paper has been published as an Early View article on our website. We will contact you to confirm, as soon as the blog goes live. We will also share the post on our journal’s Twitter and Facebook pages, so let us know if there are any Twitter accounts (authors, institutes, lab groups) that you would like to be tagged.

Posts in a second language

We encourage authors to provide a second blog post in their native language or the language relevant to the country in which the research was conducted. The second language blog post will be posted on the blog and the two posts will be linked together. Please note that the second language blog post will not be copyedited and will be published as provided by the authors. If you’re interested in providing a copy of your blog in another language then please let us know when you email us about writing a blog post.