Festival of Ecology: Plant ecology playlist

With a programme of over 650 on-demand talks and posters, there is plenty to watch during #BES2020! That doesn’t even include Festival of Ecology’s live plenaries, thematic sessions, networking opportunities, workshops and commemorative sessions in honour of Bob May and Georgina Mace.

Here, Journal of Ecology recommends a playlist of talks and posters that will be of particular interest to plant ecologists! This content is all prerecorded and available to watch at your convenience. So make time to view them during the week, or in the following month when content is still available on-demand for all delegates.

Many of these talks are by Editors for the journal and we would also encourage everyone to watch the talk by our Harper Prize 2019 winner, Maria Leunda!


Frozen plant remains from an ice cave reveal long-term treeline dynamics in the Pyrenees (Spain)
Maria Leunda, Penélope González-Sampériz, Graciela Gil-Romera, Miguel Bartolomé, Ánchel Belmonte-Ribas, Daniel Gómez-García, Petra Kaltenrieder, Juan Manuel Rubiales, Christoph Schwörer, Willy Tinner, César Morales-Molino & Carlos Sancho

Plant spatial distribution affects its fitness via plant competition and pollinator attraction
Community Ecology
Maria Hurtado, Oscar Godoy & Ignasi Bartomeus

Low-intensity insect herbivory strongly modifies volatile emissions of mountain birch
Species Interactions
Jolanta Rieksta, Riikka Rinnan & Tao Lin

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Functional diversity and identity of plant genotypes regulate rhizodeposition and soil microbial activity
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Marina Semchenko, Tomas Leigh & Xue Piao

Does physiological integration increase competitive ability in clonal plants?
Species Interactions
Peter Alpert, Pu Wang & Fei-Hai Yu
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A tale of two holy grails: from plant traits to soil organic matter pathways
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Natalia Pérez-Harguindeguy, María Vaieretti, Esteban Kowaljow, Georgina Conti, Sofia Pestoni, María Naldini & María Poca

Short- and long-term responses of nematode communities to predicted rainfall reduction in Mediterranean forests
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Pablo Homet, Jean-Marc Ourcival, Luis Matías, Oscar Godoy & Lorena Gómez-Aparicio

Soil chemical legacies trigger species-specific and context-dependent root responses in later arriving plants
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Benjamin Delory, Hannes Schempp, Sina Spachmann, Laura Stoerzer, Nicole Van Dam, Vicky Temperton, Alexander Weinhold
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0)

Enemy impact on plant communities in a changing world 
Community Ecology
Anne Kempel, Harald Auge & Eric Allan

Are plants adapting to novel urban ecosystems? Plant trait differentiation in response to urbanisation and neophyte invasion
Evolutionary Ecology
Maud Bernard-Verdier, Susan Karlebowski, Silvia Eckert, Sascha Buchholz, Jonathan Jeschke
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A conservation project efficiency approach to the prioritisation of plants for de-extinction research
Conservation Science and Policy
Andrew Mooney, Trevor Hodkinson, Sara Webb & Yvonne Buckley
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Soil inoculation and priority effect on soil multifunctionality
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Xiaoxia Gao, Ellen Fry, Deborah Ashworth & Richard Bardgett
(Photo: Ian Capper, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Are plant species effects on soil nutrients and microbial community modified by land use history?
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Irene Cordero, Laura Müller, Sonya Kalakonda & Richard Bardgett
(Photo: Mike Pennington, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Are we timing it right? Lagged and dormant season climate predicts vital rates in perennial plants better than growing season climate
Population Ecology
Sanne Evers, Tiffany Knight, David Inouye, Tom Miller, Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Amy Iler & Aldo Compagnoni

Can we use canopy gaps to infer forest dynamics?
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Toby Jackson, Cristiano Reis, Fabian Fischer, Tommaso Jucker & David Coomes

Changes in organic matter quality during ecosystem development across biomes
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Tadeo Sáez Sandino, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Antonio Gallardo Correa
(Photo: Colin Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Annual variation in grassland plant species’ functional traits
Community Ecology
George Wheeler & Johannes (Jean) Knops

Fine root traits and soil microbes as drivers of plant-soil feedback
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Clydecia Spitzer, Björn Lindahl, David Wardle, Maja Sundqvist, Michael Gundale, Nicolas Fanin & Paul Kardol

Diversity and disease: how neighbours determine amplification or dilution of root pathogens
Parasites Pathogens or Wildlife Disease
Eline Ampt, Davide Francioli, Jasper Van Ruijven, Sofia Gomes, Lisette Bakker & Liesje Mommer

Exploiting root exudates to reduce impacts of global change
Soil Ecology and Plant-soil Interactions
Catherine Preece, Erik Verbruggen & Josep Peñuelas


Grassland restoration reveals the importance of ecotypic variation on community assembly along a longitudinal aridity gradient
Community Ecology
Zhe Ren, David Gibson, Sara Baer, Loretta Johnson & Laurel Wilson
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Reciprocal bark exchange helps to disentangle tree species dependent bark and wood trait effects on deadwood invertebrate diversity
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Chenhui Chang, Matty Berg & Johannes Cornelissen (H.C.)

Global variation in clonality in Plantago lanceolate
Population Ecology
Javier Puy, Stephanie Chen, Annabel Smith, Glenda Wardle, Judit Bódis, Francis Brearly, Jane Catford, Anna Maria Csergo, Bret Elderd, Alain Finn, Maria Begoña Garcia, Liv Hamre, Lotte Korell, Tiiu Kull, Lauri Laanisto, Sergi Munne-Bosch, Melanie Morales, Meelis Partel, Rachel Penczykowski, Satu Ramula, Pil Rasmussen, Drew Seig, Ayco Tack, Jesus Villellas, Astrid Wingler & Yvonne Buckley
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0)

Go with the flow: the extent of drag reduction as epiphytes reorient in wind  
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Jessica Tay, Gerhard Zotz, Jaroslaw Puczylowski & Helena Einzmann

Functional traits affect range occupancy of European plant species
Macroecology and Biogeography
Caroline McKeon, Anna Csergő, Santiago Ordonez, Antoine Guisan, Olivier Broennimann & Yvonne Buckley

Biominerals in woodland trees: a spectroscopy-based approach for quantifying variability in calcium oxalate content of oak leaves
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Elizabeth Jeffers, Hugh Mortimer & Dan Read

Testing drivers of individual-level asynchrony in mast-seeding patterns
Population Ecology
Jalene LaMontagne, Abigail Leeper & Beth Lawrence
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Global fire history of grassland biomes
Macroecology and Biogeography
Berangere Leys, Jennifer Marlon, Charles Umbanhowar & Boris Vannière

Tree growth rate variation in moist tropical forests: The role of competition, light interception, and functional traits
Ecosystem and Functional Ecology
Mizanur Rahman & Mahmuda Islam

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