📚JOURNAL CLUB: Reimagining forest ecology in 3D with remote sensing

Welcome to JOURNAL CLUB! An initiative from Journal of Ecology, in which we present a discussion with the authors of a paper, allowing viewers to gain further insight into their research, and aiming to facilitate engagement between authors and readers. Watch the video below, and then join the authors online for a live Twitter discussion!

In our third Journal Club instalment, Reviews Editor Jason Fridley interviews Emily Lines and Tommaso Jucker about the 2nd series of Grime Reviews, which they co-edited together: What can remote sensing do for plant ecology? In particular, they discuss their paper ‘The shape of trees: Reimagining forest ecology in three dimensions with remote sensing‘. Emily & Tommaso explain the take home messages from their paper, how the series as a whole came about, technologies in forest ecology that have yet to see their full potential, and what new doors we could see opening with remote sensing in the next few years.

If you’d like to chat to Emily & Tommaso about their paper, join us for a JOURNAL CLUB discussion, live on Twitter, and tag us in your questions and comments:
🗓️ DATE: Tuesday 7th March 2023, 3pm (UK time)
📌 TWITTER TAGS: #JEcolJournalClub @emilyrlines @tommaso_jucker
Or, leave your questions in the comments section below by the above date.

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