2022 Harper Prize Shortlist: Early Career Research Award

The Harper Prize is awarded annually by the British Ecological Society for the best paper in Journal of Ecology by an early career author. We are pleased to present the shortlisted papers for the 2022 award (published in Volume 110):

⭐️Heath Beckett: Pathways of savannization in a mesic African savanna–forest mosaic following an extreme fire
⭐️Kerissa Fuccillo Battle: Citizen science across two centuries reveals phenological change among plant species and functional groups in the Northeastern US
⭐️Miriam Gerhard: Environmental stoichiometry mediates phytoplankton diversity effects on communities’ resource use efficiency and biomass
⭐️Angela Illuminati: Coordination between water uptake depth and the leaf economic spectrum in a Mediterranean shrubland
⭐️Jorge Isla: Drivers of individual-based, antagonistic interaction networks during plant range expansion
⭐️Neha Mohanbabu: Large herbivore impact on plant biomass along multiple resource gradients in the Serengeti
⭐️Simone Reis: Climate and crown damage drive tree mortality in southern Amazonian edge forests
⭐️Kyle Rodman: Rocky Mountain forests are poised to recover following bark beetle outbreaks but with altered composition
⭐️Vanessa Rubio: Functional groups, determinism and the dynamics of a tropical forest
⭐️Jules Segrestin: Towards a better ecological understanding of metacommunity stability: A multiscale framework to disentangle population variability and synchrony effects
⭐️Xiaoxia Yi: From canopy complementarity to asymmetric competition: The negative relationship between structural diversity and productivity during succession

The winner will be selected in the coming weeks, so watch this space for future announcements!🏆

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