Endangered Species Day 2016 – Plants are endangered too!

Today is Endangered Species Day and to mark the occasion the BES journals have put together a Virtual Issue of recent papers on endangered species of various taxa from around the world. Journal of Ecology papers are strongly represented, showing that endangered species day is about more than just lions and tigers!

The papers from Journal of Ecology cover subjects such as the effect of civil war on African savannah tree species; the risks posed by elephant decline to an Asian fruiting tree species and the threat to large native trees posed by large scale agriculture in Costa Rica.

We also highlight a recent Biological Flora of the British Isles account on ash, a comprehensive monograph warning of the duel threat to the species from ash dieback and the emerald ash borer beetle.

But it’s not all bad news – the open source COMPADRE database of plant population matrix models is an important research tool for plant ecology and evolution research and could help provide novel insights into endangered plant species and our recent study of Hawaiian forest communities provides important conservation and management messages.

All the papers are free to access for three months and the full Virtual Issue is available here. Happy reading!


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