Volume 106 Issue 2

Volume 106 Issue 2 of Journal of Ecology is now online! 


This issue includes a Special Feature titled ‘Mycorrhizal fungi as drivers and modulators of ecosystem processes‘. Edited by Nina Wurzburger and Karina Clemmensen, the special feature brings together 7 papers and an editorial on the topic of how mycorrhizal fungi contribute to ecosystem function. In the particular, the editors highlight two complementary approaches by which ecologists are gaining insight: focusing on mycorrhizal fungal traits to target the biological mechanisms that scale up to the ecosystem, and capturing patterns and processes across ecosystems to understand the net effect of complex plant-fungal soil interactions.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is written by Miranda Redmond et al. and is titled; Woodland resilience to regional drought: Dominant controls on tree regeneration following overstorey mortality. You can read more about the paper in the Editor’s Choice blog written by Associate Editor Peter Bellingham.

There is also an interesting group of papers on the subject of plant-climate interactions, including a study on alpine tundra shrublines, declining growth of deciduous shrubs in Greenland, and flowering cues among Shorea species in Malaysia.

The cover image for this issue was taken by Katie Bower goes alongside one of the special feature papers; Association of ectomycorrhizal trees with high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio soils across temperate forests is driven by smaller nitrogen not larger carbon stocks by Zhu et al. The image shows a mixed-mycorrhizal forest taken from the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab, North Carolina, USA.

You can find some other great images we received for this issue below:


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