Interview with Frederic Holzwarth – Many ways to die

Frederic Holzwarth is an ecologist at Universität Leipzig in Germany – I caught up with him back in March last year to chat about his research published in the journal. The title was: Many ways to die – partitioning tree mortality dynamics in a near-natural mixed deciduous forest. You can read the abstract and paper here.

Interview with Jacquelyn Gill – Linking abundances of dung fungus to the density of bison

Dr. Jacquelyn Gill, an assistant professor at the University of Maine, has a paper out in the journal titled Linking abundances of the dung fungus Sporormiella to the density of bison: implications for assessing grazing by megaherbivores in palaeorecords. I caught up with Dr. Gill at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) meeting in Minneapolis, MN, USA to chat…

Looking forward to #ESA2013

Since I am very excited about all things data management, data analysis, reproducible research, etc. I was excited to see that Carly Strasser already organized a list of talks and workshops around those areas, see here. In addition, I’m looking forward to a number of talks, sessions, and workshops (in no particular order): Evaluating a…

Interview with Jörg Albrecht

Jörg Albrecht et al. have a paper out in the journal (vol 101, issue 4, pp. 662-70) titled Logging and forest edges reduce redundancy in plant–frugivore networks in an old-growth European forest. Read their paper here. We caught up with Jörg recently to chat about his research.