Video interview with David Padilla

A paper in Early View at the Journal (“Significance and extent of secondary seed dispersal by predatory birds on oceanic islands: the case of the Canary archipelago”) by David Padilla, Aarón González-Castro, and Manuel Nogales, explores secondary dispersal on the Canary Islands.  Read the paper here.

I caught up with David recently to do our first video interview of the Journal of Ecology interview series.  We hope you enjoy the interview, and let us know if you like these interviews.

This paper received press coverage on the BBC (here), and BBC spanish language version (here).

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5 thoughts on “Video interview with David Padilla

    • +Karthik I know! Rafael Maia commented about this on Twitter too. I did it on purpose to make sure folks were paying attention to the interview. –Cough.

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