Volume 100: Issue 3

Issue 3 is now online and features the paper by Ireland & Booth as the Editor’s Choice for this issue: “Upland deforestation triggered an ecosystem state-shift in a kettle peatland.

You can read the Editor’s Choice article by Amy Austin in a previous blog post.

The issue also contains a Forum paper by Rees, Childs & Freckleton Assessing the role of competition and stress: A critique of importance indices and the development of a new approach”. The latest Biological Flora paper is by Stevens, Wilson & McAllister on Campanula rotundifolia (Harebell).

New Table of Contents

If you read the issue online, you will see that we have added a new feature to the online Table of Contents. You can now read a short synthesis of the paper, accompanied by an image or figure, to get a brief overview before clicking through to the main page. We hope this addition will be useful for those of you who like to browse the issues online. Please let us know what you think by using the comments box below.

Cover image

The cover for this issue comes from the paper by Spasojevic & Suding “Inferring community assembly mechanisms from functional diversity patterns: the importance of multiple assembly processes”. The cover photo was taken by Marko Spasojevic and shows the plant ‘old man of the mountain’ (Tetraneuris grandiflora) in the alpine tundra of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA. Marko talked to Scott Chamberlain about this paper and you can read the author’s lay summary and watch the interview on the blog or on our YouTube channel.

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