¡Ecología en América del Sur!

The 5th Binational Ecology Meeting (#socecol) between the Argentinian Ecological Association and the Chilean Ecological Society is in full swing. Journal of Ecology Associate Editor Frida Piper is attending and so is Andrew Beckerman BES stand_Socecol(@beckerhopper), Editor of Ecology and Evolution, who is also blowing the British Ecological Society’s horn from a beautifully minimalistic and hopefully highly effective stand.

Ecologia en America del Sur Virtual Issue web advertJournal of Ecology and its sister BES journals have put together a Virtual Issue that showcases the most recent articles by authors from South America.  According to our own Amy Austin, who introduces the collection of papers here, crab-eating foxes as an equatorial test of Bergmann´s rule, functional group diversity in the Pampas grasslands, frugivorous birds in the Atlantic Forest, fish and their parasites in the great Párana river, curiously flowering bamboo in the Gondwana-derived southern beech forests and gender-bending grasses in the mystical Patagonian steppe can all be found in this Virtual Issue on South America.

All articles are freely accessible for a short period, so get reading!

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