Demography Beyond the Population

Last March I had the pleasure of attending the British Ecological Society’s annual symposium “Demography Beyond the Population”, which was coordinated by Alden Griffith.

There was a real buzz surrounding the event and it was a really great few days. See Rob Salguero-Gómez post for the Journal of Ecology blog for more info about the event in full.

During the symposium I met with the extended group of organisers (see below) to discuss the possibility of a cross-journal special feature. And less than 12 months later here it is.

Organisers 2

Yesterday all 5 of the BES journals, along with our partner journal Ecology & Evolution, published a special feature highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the field of demography. It is the first time that all of the journals have collaborated in this way.


Five of the papers (and the editorial) were published in Journal of Ecology.

On Tuesday 1 March at 1pm GMT the BES journals will be hosting a webinar in association with the special feature. Registration for the webinar is free.

Lauren Sandhu
Assistant Editor, Journal of Ecology

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