Drought history affects plant and microbial C turnover after a subsequent drought event

In this new video, Lucia Fuchslueger presents the findings of her recent study, published in the last issue (September) of Journal of Ecology, and titled ‘Drought history affects grassland plant and microbial carbon turnover during and after a subsequent drought event‘. This study was part of Lucia’s PhD project on the effects of Climate Extremes, particularly of extreme droughts, on mountain grassland carbon and nitrogen cycling, funded by the Austria Science Fund. The video is available below and can also be found on the Journal of Ecology YouTube channel (english subtitles available).

PicsLucia Fuchslueger received her PhD from the University of Vienna, supervised by Andreas Richter, and co-supervised by Michael Bahn from the University of Innsbruck. The main focus of her project was to elucidate how single and multiple extreme drought events affect the turnover of recently assimilated C within plants and its allocation to below-ground plant compartments, as well as the availability for the soil microbial community, and potential feedbacks for plants. After her PhD research, Lucia moved from temperate grassland systems to the Amazon forest. She is currently working at the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil, as part of an international team of researchers studying the effects of elevated CO2 on tropical rainforests (Amazon FACE). Her research focuses on plant-soil interactions, and on microbe mediated processes in soils. Specifically, she is interested in microbial dynamics during litter and organic matter decomposition, the effect of nutrient availability on C sequestration, and the responses to changing environmental conditions.

Pierre Mariotte
Blog Editor, Journal of Ecology

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