Ecology and Evolution in Ireland

The first ever meeting of the Irish Ecological Association kicks off today in Sligo and in order to celebrate the meeting and showcase the strength of research being done in Ireland, the IEA has joined forces with the BES journals team to put together an exciting Virtual Issue.

Virtual Issue: Ecology and Evolution in Ireland

The Virtual Issue is free to access and contains content from all five of our journals covering the whole breadth of ecological research, including Irish ecosystems, applied ecology, invasion ecology, aquatic ecology and methodological advances. It includes 8 Journal of Ecology papers as well as a full introduction from IEA members and editors of the issue Hugh Feeley, Paul Giller, Ian Montgomery, John Quinn and Yvonne Buckley, who is an Associate Editor for Journal of Ecology.

The Irish Ecological Association was founded in 2015 as a learned society for ecologists working in Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and/or with an interest in Irish ecosystems. They work in partnership with the BES to strengthen networks and opportunities for ecologists and evolutionary biologists in Ireland and the UK.

You can read the conference program and keep up to date by following the IEA on twitter and searching #ecoevoirl. You can also email the IEA to be added to their mailing list.

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