Interactive Effects of Rainfall, Fire and Herbivory on Plant Resprouting

In this new podcast video, Katherine Giljohann presents the findings of her recent study, accepted for publication in Journal of Ecology, and titled “Interactions between rainfall, fire and herbivory drive resprouter vital rates in a semi-arid ecosystem“. This study was part of Katherine’s PhD project which looked at optimal management planning for biodiversity conservation in disturbance-prone environments. The video is available below and can also be found on the Journal of Ecology YouTube channel (English subtitles available).

kateKatherine Giljohann is a population and community ecologist and her research is mainly focused on understanding the impact of large-scale recurrent disturbances on population demography and community composition. She uses empirical data and develops models to elucidate key processes and uncertainties, and support management decision making. As a postdoctoral researcher at Melbourne University and La Trobe University, Kate continues to study the processes influencing species response to disturbances, but is incorporating spatially explicit predictions for multiple co-occurring species to inform fire management in the semi-arid woodlands and dry forests of southern Australia.

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