Volume 107 issue 4

Volume 107 Issue 4 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!


This latest issue of Journal of Ecology includes a special feature titled Macroevolutionary perspectives on biotic interactions. The special feature, edited by Richard Shefferson from University of Tokyo, Japan, consists of 8 research papers and an introductory editorial.

This issue also includes our annual Harper Review paper, written by Mahesh Sankaran from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, India, on the topic of droughts and tropical savanna vegetation.

The editor’s choice paper for this issue is by Amy Iler et al. and is about  the effects of climate change‐induced early flowering in aspen sunflowers. You can read the author’s blog post to find out more about their work.

The cover image for this issue was taken by Benjamin Jackson and is related to De Long et al. The photo shows a mesocosm experiment investigating relationships between grassland plant above- and belowground traits and soil abiotic and biotic properties and was taken in Colt Park, Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK.

See below for some more fantastic photos submitted to the journal for this issue:

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