Open Call for Special Feature Proposals

The editors of Journal of Ecology would like to invite proposals for new special features to be published in the journal.

Journal of Ecology has been publishing special features since 2008, and recent examples include Biotic Controls of Plant Coexistence, Ecological Succession in a Changing World and Macroevolutionary Perspectives on Biotic Interactions.

We will now consider special feature proposals for publication in 2020.

Proposals will be considered from across the full scope of the journal, but we are particularly interested in topics related to community changes in response to climate change, long-term experiments, extreme weather events, aquatic ecology, community assembly and dynamics, plant–insect interactions, ecophysiology of plant mortality and drought, trophic cascades and vegetation dynamics.

Your initial outline proposal should consist of a special feature title and summary blurb. This should detail why the special feature is timely, the plant ecology concepts that will be addressed, and why it will be of interest to our readers.

It would also be useful if you are able to provide a list of potential articles and contributors. However, the exact details will be worked out in collaboration with the Journal of Ecology Editorial team at a later date, if your proposal is invited for further consideration.

*DEADLINE EXTENDED* Please send your proposal by email to by Friday 4th October (23:59 BST).

To view our past Special Features, please visit the Journal of Ecology website.

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