Open Call for Special Features

special_feature_open_callThe editors of Journal of Ecology would like to invite special feature proposals for publication in 2019.

Journal of Ecology has been publishing special features since Bullock and Nathan’s 2008 collection of 12 papers on the topic “Plant Dispersal Across Multiple Scales: Linking Models and Reality.”

Since that time, the Editors have commissioned special features on a somewhat ad-hoc basis responding to proposals from interested Guest Editors, approaching the organizers of symposia and themed sessions at meetings, and horizon-scanning important topics ourselves. The success of special features is evident in the higher-than-average downloads and citations to articles in these collections.

We are, however, limited in the number of special features that we can publish in one year for both logistical and space limitations. While the Editors will still take the opportunity to ‘spot’ some special features, we now wish to offer the ecological community the opportunity a more formalised approach to proposing special features for the Journal; hence we announce our first open call for proposals.

We will consider proposals from across the full scope of the journal, but are particularly interested in topics including; urban plant ecology, aquatic plant ecology, big data, primary succession, and plant volatile communication.

We are looking forward to seeing what topics will be proposed!

David Gibson, Executive Editor

For more information about the Special Feature Open Call, including instructions on how to submit a proposal, visit the Journal of Ecology website.

Read some examples of recent Journal of Ecology special features:

Long-term Dynamics and Impacts of Plant Invasions edited by Luke Flory and Carla D’Antonio

Plant Ecological Solutions to Global Food Security edited by Richard Bardgett and David Gibson

Transcriptomic and Genomic Analyses of Communities edited by Luke Flory and Andy Jones

Dispersal Processes driving Plant Movement: Range Shifts in a Changing World edited by Cristina García, Etienne Klein and Pedro Jordano

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