Journal of Ecology – Special Features

Journal of Ecology is currently accepting proposals for new Special Feature ideas! Here we present all of our previously published Special Features, going back to 2008.

If you feel inspired by our previous Special Features, then why not send us your proposal?

  • Is phylogenetic and functional trait diversity a driver or a consequence of grassland community assembly? (Vol. 107, Issue 5)
  • Linking organismal functions, life history strategies and population performance (Vol. 106, Issue 4)
  • Mycorrhizal fungi as drivers and modulators of ecosystem processes (Vol. 106, Issue 2)
  • Dispersal processes driving plant movement: range shifts in a changing world (Vol. 105, Issue 1)
  • Digging deeper: how soil biota drive and respond to plant invasions (Vol. 104, Issue 5)
  • Whether in life or in death: fresh perspectives on how plants affect biogeochemical cycling (Vol. 103, Issue 6)
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics in plants: interactive processes at overlapping timescales and their implications (Vol. 103, Issue 4)
  • Grass-woodland transitions: determinants and consequences for ecosystem functioning and provisioning of services (Vol. 102, Issue 6)
  • The tree of life in ecosystems: evolution of plant effects on carbon and nutrient cycling (Vol. 102, Issue 2)
  • Plant-mediated interactions between above- and below-ground communities (Vol. 99, Issue 1)

All proposals within the journal’s scope will be considered. We’re particularly interested in the following topics: extreme weather events, aquatic ecology, community assembly and dynamics, community changes in response to climate change, long-term experiments, plant–insect interactions, ecophysiology of plant mortality and drought, trophic cascades & vegetation dynamics.

Your initial proposal should consist of a title & brief summary. If possible, please also provide a list of potential articles & contributors.

Full details on how to apply can be found here.

Please send your proposal to by Friday 4th October (23:59 BST).

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