📚 Journal Club round-up

For anyone who missed it, we held our first Journal Club discussion last week, on Twitter!

The featured paper was the Sprent Review article: Multi‐dimensionality as a path forward in plant‐soil feedback research, by Michael Gundale and Paul Kardol.

To kick things off, the authors prepared a fantastic 12-minute video filmed around a campfire, in which they chatted to Lesley Forero about their backgrounds in plant-soil feedback, what research they’d like to see inspired by their paper, and what advice they have for people who want to write a review article.

After watching the video, Journal Club participants joined the authors for a Q&A session on Twitter. Take a look below at some of the interesting questions the authors were asked, and click through to see how the discussion unfolded on Twitter…

📌Stay tuned for the next Journal Club, coming soon!

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