Discussion on post-publication peer review: next Tuesday (July 3rd, 1 pm PST)

We have a number of options for post-publication commentary on papers: peer-reviewed comments on the original paper, long format blog posts, and shorter format comments on social networking sites (Twitter, Google+, etc.). In addition, we discuss and comment on published papers in the halls and during lunch breaks.

We will host a discussion about post-publication commentary, covering the options, and the pros and cons of each.

The discussion will include two knowledgeable folks: Jarrett Byrnes of NCEAS (soon to be on the faculty at UMASS Boston), and Carl Boettiger, a Ph.D. candidate at UC Davis.

This discussion will take place on Google+ using Hangouts on Air (meaning live streaming). Please join us – only nine can join in the discussion itself on G+  – first come first serve. No worries though, because the discussion will be recorded to YouTube for later viewing. If you have thoughts/talking points/questions we could consider, send them to @recology_ on Twitter or jecolblog@gmail.com

The discussion will take place on Tuesday, 3 July, at 1 pm pacific standard time (PST), which is 9 pm in the UK.

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