Discussion on post-publication commentary

I hosted a discussion today on the topic of post-publication commentary on scientific research with Carl Boettiger and Jarrett Byrnes.  We covered the different options for post-publication commentary, and their pros and cons.

Join in on the discussion in the comments section below, in the comments section on YouTube, or on Twitter (tweet to me @recology_).

We chatted on Google Hangouts live. The video has been posted to YouTube (embedded below). Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Discussion on post-publication commentary

  1. Note, ISE has now also launched an editorial review only comments and replies section. Rejoinders from original authors will also be solicited. Perhaps this could fill a more formal post-publication review niche? From the site:

    ISE also welcomes very short articles including epirical commentaries and replies, critically but constructively commenting on research published in other journals. Commentaries on ideas, or concept papers are also important, but are best directed to Ideas in Ecology and Evolution (IEE). Critiques of empirical work are welcomed here, particularly if the quantitative aspects are re-analyzed, evaluated, or if you have complimentary data that supports/rejects other papers. Simply designate the submission as a commentary and we will read the source paper, and editorially review your submission only. Importantly, if you have since re-analyzed or further developed your own ideas on a previously published paper, please submit them here. This is not an uncommon process in science, is actually very natural, and is part of the scientific process, yet is currently not publishable in other venues.

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