Journal of Ecology at ESA

Brace yourselves! Almost all of the Journal of Ecology Editors will be attending ESA this year. Mike Hutchings, David Gibson and Richard Bardgett are making their way to Portland to do all things conferency: give talks, watch their students give talks, talk to the Associate Editors of Journal of Ecology who will be there, talk to the Managing Editor of Journal of Ecology who will be there, talk to colleagues and friends…and, of course, talk to anyone interested in the journal. If you want to catch them, please stop by at the British Ecological Society (BES) stand (booth 214-215). They will be happy to talk to you unless they are talking already (see above).

Another person to catch will be Journal of Ecology blogger Scott Chamberlain. Again, if you want to hook up with him, the BES staff will be able to tell you when to best get a hold of him at the stand.

As part of its centenary-year celebrations, Journal of Ecology are sponsoring the ESA Plant Population Ecology award and are holding a Centenary  Reception (by invitation only), so watch this space for further announcements during the meeting! We will also be live tweeting from @JEcology using #ESA2012.

One thought on “Journal of Ecology at ESA

  1. Yes, brace yourselves indeed. The ESA meeting promises to be huge this year with over 4,000 registered delegates I think. But, you’ll easily find the Journal of Ecology editors hanging around the BES stand in the Convention Center, especially late afternoon and during the poster sessions (after the bar opens…).

    I’m looking forward to catching some talks. I’ve not read the schedule in detail yet, but looking at the start of the week, I’ve marked down the Monday morning Scientific Plenary (something to do with Forests, Fish, Owls, and Volcanoes) as worth attending, and on Monday afternoon the talks by Susan Harrison and Don Waller on plant functional traits in the “Frontiers in Measuring and Projecting Long-Lived Vegetation Dynamics” symposium caught my eye. Later in the week, I’ll be presenting my own poster (#150) on “The Effect of Weed Management Systems including the Glyphosate-resistant Trait on Weed Species Communities over 5 years” during the Thursday poster session. Friday morning, for those of you still around, Rachel Goad, one of our former graduate students, is presenting our work on “A Test of Local Adaptation to Soil Microbial Communities in Tallgrass Prairie Plant Assemblages.” Good luck Rachel.

    I’m looking forward to seeing old friends (and some of us are getting old too), and meeting new potential authors and reviewers for Journal of Ecology. Follow me live tweeting @DavidJohnGibson using the #ESA2012 hashtag.

    What are you looking forward to in Portland?

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