Upcoming interviews at #ESA2012

I’m going to be conducting some interviews at the upcoming Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland. The interviews will be with:

  • Jennifer Williams – on her paper in the Journal here
  • Lauren Urgenson – on her paper in the Journal here
  • Ian Pearse – on research presented in a paper in the Journal here
  • Carol Thornber – on her paper in the Journal here
  • Jarrett Brynes – on crowdfunding and #SciFund
  • Amber Budden – on DataONE
  • Jens Kattge – on TRY, a widely used plant trait database

I have some things in mind to ask, but if you have any questions you would love to ask these folks, suggest them in the comments below, via email (jecolblog@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@recology_).

Look for the interviews as audio podcasts following the meeting.

Thanks! Scott

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