Upcoming interviews at #BES12

I’m conducting some interviews at the upcoming British Ecological Society in Birmingham:

  • Kyle Dexter – on niche evolution in South American trees
  • Franciska de Vries  – on the link between plant traits and soil microbial communities
  • James Rosindell – on the the tree of life explorer OneZoom
  • Eleanor Slade – on prediction of moth responses to forest fragmentation
  • Michael Hutchings – reflections on being EIC of Journal of Ecology
  • Tom Ezard – on how negative maternal effects can maximize fitness
  • Rebecca Atkinson – on the growth-survival trade-off in plants
  • Catherine Preece – on seed size and crop production
  • Liz Bourne – on evolution in response to environmental change
  • Ross Mounce – on open science
  • Mark Hahnel – on data sharing

Look for the interviews in the Journal of Ecology podcast following the meeting.

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