Volume 105, Issue 2

Volume 105 Issue 2 of Journal of Ecology is now online!

105-2The March 2017 issue consists of 24 papers. Standard papers include a study into the effects of nitrogen deposition on reproduction by Bogdziewicz et al. (read Marcel’s blog post here) and a study on rhizobial communities in Acacia plants by Vuong et al.

We also have a paper by Shelton et al. which details a 40 year study of seagrass populations in an urban estuary, as well as an Essay Review titled ‘Flammability as an ecological and evolutionary driver’ from Pausas et al.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is titled ‘An assessment of carbon and nutrient limitations in the formation of the southern Andes tree line’ by Alex Farjardo and Frida Piper. The paper addresses both the carbon-limitation and soil nutrient-limitation hypotheses in a study of a single deciduous treeline species, Nothofagus pumilio, in Chile. Read the Editor’s Choice blog, written by Matt McGlone, for a closer look at this paper.

This issue’s cover image is provided by Juli Pausas to accompany the Essay Review, and shows Palicourea rigida (Rubiaceae), which is an example of a plant that survives in a very flammable environment.

You can some more of the best images submitted to the Journal below:

James Ross, Assistant Editor

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