Volume 106 Issue 3

Volume 106 Issue 3 is now available online!

cover 106.3This issue includes a special feature titled ‘Intransitive competition and species coexistence’. Edited by Santiago Soliveres and Eric Allan from the University of Bern, the special feature presents six new studies including models, experimental studies and large-scale observational studies. The studies advance the field by integrating intransitive competition into species coexistence and general ecological theory whilst also highlighting important research gaps to inspire the next generation of studies around this topic.

The editor’s choice paper for this issue is a study by Yuanzhi Li et al. on niche occupancy and community assembly. Associate Editor Peter Vesk, who handled the paper for the journal, has written an article on the significance of the work.

Other highlights include an essay review by Hans De Boeck titled ‘Patterns and drivers of biodiversity–stability relationships under climate extremes‘, a study on tropical forest mortality from Michiel Pillet, and a paper about the effect of human‐induced defaunation on plant populations in the Canary Islands by Néstor Pérez‐Méndez et al. 

The cover image for this issue comes from Bruce Mahall and shows a Larrea/Ambrosia community as found in areas of the North American deserts.  Bruce’s paper in this issue focuses on a long term experiment in the Mojave Desert, California, looking at the effects of structural alterations on a shrub community dominated by Ambrosia dumosa and Larrea tridentata.

Here are some more great images submitted to the journal for issue 3:



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