Volume 106 Issue 5

Volume 106 Issue 5 of Journal of Ecology is now online!

106.5Issue 5 includes a Special Feature guest edited by Ignasi Bartomeus and Oscar Godoy. The Special Feature, titled ‘Biotic controls of plant coexistence’, consists of 10 research papers along with an editorial from the guest editors.

The Editor’s choice for this issue is a study by Patrick Barks and colleagues on the pace and shape of senescence in duckweed. Associate Editor Rob Salguero-Gómez handled the paper and has given his thoughts on the significance of the study in a short article for the blog.

Other highlights include an article from Peter Wragg et al. on forbs, grasses, and grassland fire behaviour and a paper titled Acclimation of leaf traits in seasonal light environments: are non-native species more plastic? from Kelsey Martinez and Jason Fridley.

There is also a study based in the Rocky Mountains that looks into how floral colour shifts with elevation and thus shapes plant-pollinator interactions, and a review paper on how to quantify competitive ability by Simon Hart, Rob Freckleton and Jonathan Levine.

This issue’s cover image was taken by Inge Van Halder and accompanies the paper by Castagneyrol et al. The photo shows sawfly larvae on a birch leaf and was taken in France, 30km south of Bordeaux.

You can see some of the other images sent in by authors for this issue below:

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