Volume 106, Issue 6

Volume 106, Issue 6 of Journal of Ecology is now online!

cover106_6This issue includes 25 papers, 2 of which are Open Access therefore free to view without a subscription.

The first article is an essay review by Gbadamassi Dossa et al. on the subject of wood decomposition. The article reviews the role of bark cover and bark traits in the decomposition of woody debris.

The Editor’s Choice selection for this issue is an article by Rachel Wooliver et al. about the role fungi plays in the variation of plant responses to nitrogen enrichment. The study tests whether soil fungi mediate responses of plant growth and plant-soil feedbacks (between close and distant relatives) to nitrogen enrichment. The authors used a controlled fertilization experiment on 15 eucalypt tree species that co‐occur on the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Senior Editor Amy Austin took a closer look a the paper. 

Other highlights include a study which used wood density to assess the recovery of human‐modified Amazonian forests by Erika Berenguer et al., a long-term experiment on tropical rainforest fragments by Julieta Benítez‐Malvido et al., and a climate study on the distribution of mistletoe by Gabriel Sangüesa‐Barreda et al.

The cover photo for this issue shows Pulsatilla vulgaris in the spring in southern Germany and was taken by Michelle DiLeo. The related article by DiLeo et al. looks into the pollen flow in P. vulgaris, and how it may be governed by different underlying processes such as the foraging range and habitat use of bees.

Here are some more great images submitted to the journal for this issue:

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