Volume 107 Issue 2

Volume 107 Issue 2 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!


This issue includes a fascinating special feature on ecological succession. The special feature, guest edited by Ben Turner and Cynthia Chang, brings together work that highlights the importance of ecological succession in understanding the response of plant and microbial communities to disturbance. The special feature is made up of 9 research papers, a mini-review, and an introductory editorial.

This issue’s cover image is also related to the special feature. A big thank you to Cynthia for sending us the photo which was taken in Washington, USA, at the base of Mount St. Helens. The photo is related to Cynthia’s special feature paper on models of plant succession across a disturbance gradient.

The editor’s choice paper for this issue is by Maria Leunda et al. and is titled ‘Ice cave reveals environmental forcing of long‐term Pyrenean tree line dynamics‘. The paper assesses tree line dynamics and ecosystem resilience to climate changes in the Pyrenees. You can read Associate Editor Bérangère Leys Editor’s Choice blog post about this paper and also the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology’s press release.

This issue also includes our latest BFBI paper. Peter Thomas et al. have written an account about horse‐chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), which was voted the UK’s favourite tree in a 2017 poll!

Other highlights in this issue include a paper on nitrogen recycling in coupled green and brown food webs, a study about tropical tree species and drought, and a paper about the effects of phylogenetic distance on seedling emergence.

And finally, here are some more of the great photos related to volume 107.2:

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