Volume 107 Issue 5

Volume 107 Issue 5 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

The latest issue of Journal of Ecology includes a special feature titled  “Is Phylogenetic and Functional Trait Diversity a Driver or a Consequence of Grassland Community Assembly?

This special feature was compiled by our guest editors:
Nicholas Barber (San Diego State University, USA), David Gibson (Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA) & Holly Jones (Northern Illinois University, USA).

There are 9 research articles in this latest special feature. As well as the introductory editorial article, which you can read here.

The editor’s choice paper for this issue is “SRUD: A simple non‐destructive method for accurate quantification of plant diversity dynamics” by Zhang et al. The approach outlined in this article provides a simple, non-destructive & accurate method for monitoring and predicting the impacts of global change drivers and management interventions on plant communities.

The cover image for this issue was taken by Marina LaForgia, co-author of “Functional diversity is a passenger but not driver of drought-related plant diversity losses in annual grasslands” by Miller et al. 
The photo shows native wildflowers Lasthenia californica, Trifolium fucatum and Microseris douglasii blooming on a rocky serpentine outcrop in an annual grassland. It was taken in North Coast Range, Lake County, California.

You can find out more about this image in our “Cover Stories” blog post.

Below, you can see some of the other incredible images that were submitted to Journal of Ecology this issue:

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