Volume 108 Issue 1

Volume 108 Issue 1 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

Our latest issue contains research articles covering a diverse range of topics. From tree survival and growth responses in the aftermath of an earthquake to the role of freeze tolerance in mangrove range expansion and using remote sensing to measure ploidy level in quaking aspen.

The Editor’s Choice for this issue is “Growth–trait relationships in subtropical forest are stronger at higher diversity” by Bongers et al. 

This study shows that functional trait values and their effect on individual tree growth, depend on species richness. Read about this article in more detail in our Editor’s Choice blog.

The cover image for this issue was taken by Robert Streit and relates to the article “A 3D perspective on sediment accumulation in algal turfs: Implications of coral reef flattening” by Tebbett, Streit & Bellwood.

The photograph shows algal turfs on Lizard Island, Australia. Algal turfs underpin much of the productivity on coral reefs. However, they may be constrained by sediments if coral reefs lose their structural complexity.

You can read the full story behind this image in our latest Cover Stories blog post.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of fantastic images that were submitted to Journal of Ecology for this issue:

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