Volume 108 Issue 6

Volume 108 Issue 6 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

Our latest issue is packed with fascinating articles, including research considering how competition drives local adaptation and trait change in urban and rural habitats, a dataset-based classification of seaweed functional diversity and an article exploring Primula veris (Cowslip) morph frequencies, which is part of our cross-journal Special Feature on Citizen Science.

You can also read our new Biological Flora of the British Isles account on . Tilia platyphyllos. Tilia platyphyllos (Large-leaved Lime) is a tall, shade‐tolerant tree of old relict woods. This account is written by Professor Donald Pigott, an undisputed international authority on Lime trees.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is “Causes and consequences of liana infestation in Southern Amazonia” by Reis et al.

The results of this long-term research show that liana infestation is closely linked to tree properties, such as potential growth, wood density and the dimensions of individual trees. Overall, lianas reduce forest growth rates and may also modify competitive hierarchies among trees in tropical forests.

You can find out more about this paper in our Editor’s Choice blog post.

The cover image for this issue was taken by David Cappaert and relates to the article “Experimental shifts in exotic flowering phenology produce strong indirect effects on native plant reproductive success” by Waters, Chen & Hille Ris Lambers.

This photograph shows Microseris laciniata, a key nectar and pollen resource at Glacial Heritage, Washington. The sweat bee (Lasioglossum titusi) and the blister beetle (Epicauta sp.) are among the pollinators for this species. 

Read our new Cover Story post to discover more about this research.

Some fantastic images were submitted to Journal of Ecology for this issue. We hope you enjoy this selection of images that were strongly considered for the cover!

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