Volume 109 Issue 6

Volume 109 Issue 6 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

Our June issue contains a new cross-journal Special Focus with Ecological Solutions and Evidence: Plant translocations and climate change: bioassay, surveillance and solution to a global threat. There are 8 insightful research articles and review papers in this collection, including the accompanying Editorial article. This Special Focus was overseen by Guest Editors Sarah Dalrymple, Richard Winder and Elizabeth Campbell.

This issue also contains an article reporting the bioclimatic drivers of fire severity across Australian giant Eucalyptus forests, a paper that explores tree recruitment failure in human-modified rainforests and research that considers whether rocks are an underestimated food resource in river ecosystems.

The Editor’s Choice article for this issue is “Disentangling the social complexities of assisted migration through deliberative methods” by Hagerman & Kozak.

This paper is part of our cross-journal Special Focus on plant translocations and climate change. This mini-review article identifies a novel deliberative agenda for understanding the societal aspects and implications of plant translocation research and practice.

You can find out more about this research in our Editor’s Choice blog post, written by Yvonne Buckley.

The cover image for this issue relates to “Critical seed transfer distances for selected tree species in eastern North America”, which is another Special Focus article by Pedlar, McKenney & Lu.

The cover photograph, taken by Jeff Fera, shows white pine (Pinus strobus) trees in the morning mist at the oldest forest research plot in Canada, located in the Petawawa Research Forest in eastern Ontario. This species is one of several that are being considered for assisted migration efforts in this region. Critical seed transfer distances have been developed to help guide these efforts.

You can find out more about this image in our new Cover Stories blog by lead author, John H. Pedlar.

We received lots of brilliant photographs from our authors this issue! We hope you enjoy this gallery of images that were considered for the cover.

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