Volume 109 Issue 8

Volume 109 Issue 8 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

Our August issue contains an essay review considering the past, present, and future of herbivore impacts on savanna vegetation, a paper that explores habitat fragmentation and food security in crop pollination systems & long-term study of primary succession in an Atlantic salt marsh.

The Editor’s Choice article for this issue is “The fate and transit time of carbon in a tropical forest” by Sierra, Estupinan-Suarez, & Chanca.

This research reported that the transit time distribution quantifies the time it takes for photosynthates to appear in the respiration flux. For a tropical forest in Colombia, this study predicts that 50% of fixed carbon is respired in <0.5 years, and 95% in <69 years.

You can find out more about this research in our Editor’s Choice blog.

The cover image relates to the research article “Individual-based plant–pollinator networks are structured by phenotypic and microsite plant traits” by Arroyo-Correa, Bartomeus, & Jordano.

The cover photograph, taken by Curro Molina, features a female Lasioglossum malachurum (Halictidae) visiting the flowers of Halimium halimifolium (Cistaceae), a widespread Mediterranean shrub species. This photograph was taken in the stabilized dunes of Doñana National Park, located in the Atlantic coast of Southern Spain

You can find out more about this image in our new Cover Stories blog.

Here you can view a gallery of photographs that we received from our authors this issue, which were considered for the cover.

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