Volume 105, Issue 1

Volume 105 Issue 1 of Journal of Ecology is now available online!

105-1The January 2017 issue features 27 papers, including a Special Feature on dispersal processes by guest editors Cristina García, Etienne Klein and Pedro Jordano. The Special Feature – Dispersal processes driving plant movement: range shifts in a changing world – originated from a thematic topic session at the BES Annual Meeting 2015, Edinburgh. It includes 8 standard papers as well as an Editorial from the guest editors.

This issue’s cover image also comes from one of the Special Feature studies (Farwig et al). The photo credit goes to Sascha Rösner and shows one of the forest fragments in the Eastern Poland area of the Białowieża Forest, which was one of the areas the study was based in.

This issue also features our annual Harper Review paper. Last year’s inaugural Harper Review was written by Yvonne Buckley and Jane Catford, and this year Associate Editor Jason Fridley has contributed a fascinating review titled Plant energetics and the synthesis of population and ecosystem ecology.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is a study based in Kruger National Park by Pellegrini et al. which looks at the effects and interactions of two disturbance agents in this savanna ecosystem; elephants and fire. David Wardle, the Handling Editor, has taken a detailed look at the paper in his Editor’s Choice blog post which includes some great photos from the authors.

Other papers in this issue include a study by Grossiord et al. on trees in semi-arid systems, a look into the evolution of plant defences from Gruntmann et al., and a paper titled Facilitated exploitation of pollination mutualisms: fitness consequences for plants from Richman et al.

James Ross
Assistant Editor, Journal of Ecology

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