Volume 105, Issue 3

Volume 105 Issue 3 of Journal of Ecology is now online!

JEC-Transcriptomic&Genomic-Analyses-200x200The May 2017 issue includes a Special Feature titled; Transcriptomic and Genomic Analyses of Communities, guest edited by Nate Swenson and Andy Ford. The Special Feature includes 5 papers with a focus on the latest ‘omics technologies and how they can serve community ecology.

The Editor’s Choice paper chosen for this issue is titled; A global test for phylogenetic signal in shifts in flowering time under climate change, by Nicole Rafferty and Paul Nabity. The cover image also comes from this study with Nicole providing us with an image from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. This paper, as well as three others in this issue, is Open Access and free to view for everyone.


The original photo used for the issue cover – King’s crown (Rhodiola integrifolia) and rosy paintbrush (Castilleja rhexifolia) flowering in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. Photo: N.E. Rafferty.

Pieter De Frenne (Ghent University) also brings us the first Biological Flora and the British Isles paper this year. The chosen species is Milium effusum, a tall grass commonly found in woodlands. You can read more about Pieter’s BFBI paper in his blog post, and find the rest of the BFBIs papers, free to access, here.

Other papers include a study on African savanna herbivores and plant richness by Burkpile et al. (read Deron’s blog here) which is accompanied by a commentary paper written by Liesbeth Bakker of NIOO-KNAW. There is also a paper on plant–soil–microbial relationships from Keymer and Lankau, a study on the demise of Pinus nigra forests by del Molino et al., and much more!

And here are some of the best images from the papers of issue 105.3:

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