Volume 105 Issue 6

Volume 105 Issue 6 of Journal of Ecology is now online!


The November 2017 issue contains a special feature titled ‘Long-term dynamics and impacts of plant invasions’ which is guest edited by Carla D’Antonio and Luke Flory. Luke and Carla have got together a great selection of papers for this special feature including studies on Bromus tectorum, Alliaria petiolate, and mycorrhiza invasives. The guest editors have also written an editorial summarising their special feature, which is free to access.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is titled ‘Manipulating two olfactory cues causes a biological control beetle to shift to non-target plant species’ by Li et al. This paper looks at olfactory mechanisms of the flea beetle, a common biocontrol agent, and how the beetle can shift to non-target plant species. You can read the editor’s choice blog, written by Associate Editor Stephen Bonser, here.

The Biological Flora of the British Isles article for this issue is Sorbus torminalis written by Peter Thomas. Known as the wild service tree or checker tree, Sorbus torminalis is an uncommon tree of lowland woodlands across Europe. You can read the full article here.

The cover image for issue 105.6 was taken by Diego De Nisi and provided by Roberta Pini. It shows ecologists working at the bottom of Crotte Basse mire in northwestern Italy. You can read the related paper here.

Here are some more of the best images we received for 105.6:

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