Volume 105, Issue 4

Volume 105 Issue 4 of Journal of Ecology is now online!

105.4The July 2017 issue of Journal of Ecology includes a special feature titled; Ecological solutions to global food security. Edited by David Gibson and Richard Bardgett, this special feature considers the ways that plant ecologists can help meet the challenges of food production and agricultural systems. It also marks the launch of our newest article type – mini-reviews – which are short, timely articles on recent developments, new ideas or new directions. There are 10 mini-reviews and an editorial for you to get stuck into and you can read more about the special feature in a blog post from the editors which will be published tomorrow.

The Editor’s Choice paper for this issue is authored by Mariotte, Canarini and Dijkstra and is titled; Stoichiometric N:P flexibility and mycorrhizal symbiosis favour plant resistance against drought. You can read all about the paper in our Editor’s Choice blog written by Associate Editor Laura Huenneke.

The cover image was taken by Bryan Young of Purdue University, who is a co-author of one of the special feature mini-reviews. The photo illustrates the weed competition issues discussed in the paper, showing a soybean field infested with waterhemp.

This issue’s Biological Flora of the British Isles article is Phragmites australis written by Jasmine Packer et al. Phragmites australis, also known as the common reed, is found across the wetlands of Britain.

And here are some of the best images submitted to the journal for this issue;

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