Harper Prize Highly Commended Papers 2017: Plant-Soil Interactions (Part 2)

In this second Harper Prize video podcast, I present the findings of my highly commended paper entitled ‘Stoichiometric N:P flexibility and mycorrhizal symbiosis favour plant resistance against drought‘. This experiment was carried out at The University of Sydney (Australia) with Alberto Canarini and Feike Dijkstra through a postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. The paper was Editor’s Choice of Issue 105.4 with a blog post written by Laura Foster Huenneke about the study.

The video is available below and can also be found on the Journal of Ecology YouTube channel (english subtitles available). 


2016-11-07 15.59.18Pierre Mariotte is a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Ecological Systems (ECOS) of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. His work focuses on the role of aboveground and belowground interactions in mediating climate change impacts in grassland ecosystems. His research is field-oriented and aims at better understanding how soil microbial community can improve plant resistance against drought, and how these plant-soil interactions maintain community stability and ecosystem functioning. Much of his interest is related to nutrient stoichiometry, plant functional traits, fungal community, mycorrhizae, drought-resistant subordinate plants, climate and land-use change, ecosystem processes and services. 

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