International Flora

The editors are delighted to announce that we are now considering International Biological Flora submissions.

Building on the successful and popular Biological Flora of the British Isles series of papers, which has been published in Journal of Ecology since 1941, the journal Editors are pleased to announce the launch of a new associated paper type, the International Biological Flora species accounts.

While the accounts published in the BFBI series are focussed on species that occur in the British Isles as native or naturalized alien species, the International Biological Flora looks to widen this scope and publish accounts on species occurring elsewhere in the world (but not in the British Isles) that are ecologically significant, meeting for example one or more of the following criteria:

  • species of conservation importance
  • foundation species
  • ecosystem engineers
  • important weeds
  • plant model organisms
  • invasive species
  • crop progenitors
  • hosts of pandemic disease

The accounts should follow the structure of the current BFBI paper type (see accounts in recent issues), but also include a section on ‘Global Heterogeneity’.

We currently encourage enquiries regarding the following species in particular:

  • Mangroves (Rhizophora spp, Avicennia spp)
  • Southern Hemisphere forest dominants (e.g. Nothofagus spp.)
  • Tropical-subtropical grassland and savanna dominant species (e.g. Andropogon gerardiiThemeda triandra)
  • Widespread weeds (e.g. Cynodon dactylon, Echinochloa crus-galliSorghum halepenseEichhornia crassipes, Imperata cyclindrica)

To express an interest in submitting an International Biological Flora account, please send pre-submission enquiries to the editorial office at

Biological-Flora-Cover-mediumBiological Flora accounts are published in Journal of Ecology alongside the journal’s other articles. The Editor of the Biological Flora series is Anthony Davy, Professor of Ecology at the University of East Anglia, and the series also has its own team of Associate Editors. 

Over 300 accounts of the Flora of the British Isles have been published in Journal of Ecology to date. Accounts published from 1999 onwards are available to access free of charge, and articles published before 1999 can be accessed online through JSTOR. Biological Flora accounts have their own structure and do not follow the normal journal format.

You can search for and access published accounts using the Biological Flora database.

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